Champions League: Esperance Adds two names to its African list


Tunisia’s Esperance Sports Club announced today, Monday, the players it added to the African list, despite the announcement by the African Confederation of the extension of the deadlines for submitting the list to August 15, 2018.

Tunisia’s Esperance Athletic had added two players to the list before the match against Kampala City about a week ago, defender Ayman Mahmoud and goalkeeper Ramy Jeridi. And by adding them, two vacancies remain for Esperance, which was agreed upon in coordination between the managing body and the technical framework to select the two names to be included in the list.

And the opinion of the technical framework and management settled on the addition of the new manager, Mohamed Ali Al-Yaqoubi, and back-back from injury Ihab Al-Mubaraki, thus completing the African list of Tunisia’s Esperance this season.

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