A fiery Classico between Esperance and Sfaxien.


Classico red-hot

The second batch of round 19 interviews will take place next Wednesday, with the leaders and runners-up summit leading by Esperance and Sfaxien.

Esperance occupies the lead with 48 points, followed by Sfaxien with 36 points.

Esperance is looking to prove its dominance in the competition, and expand the point difference as much as possible, especially after its last 0-0 draw against USM Ben Guerdane.

The meeting will be a great challenge for coach Mouin Chaabani, whose voices have been raised by some members of Esperance to change him, in the recent period, especially since the competitor is of a heavy caliber and is very interested in the outcome of the meeting since he is betting on second place, after he also tied with Benzarti in the last round.

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